This web site of mine will be updated periodically and will remain under construction for the next few years. (Please read my Hopes and Ambitions for this web site below.)

1  For Home Page of WITBANK, SOUTH AFRICA on this web site - CLICK HERE.
2  For Home Page of ZEIMELIS, LITHUANIA on this web site - CLICK HERE.
3  For Home Page of some other towns in LITHUANIA on this web site - CLICK HERE.

My Hopes and Ambitions for this web site:

      Today is June 10th, 2007 the day I started writing my goals for this web site. It has been 10 years since I began researching my own family's genealogy and the Jewish communities of various towns. I have accumulated a lot of information these past 10 years, most of which is already displayed on the internet on my 4 web sites below. I still have more than 10 gigabytes of information which I would like to make available on the internet. The information I have is in the form of texts, lists, tables and images of documents and photos. Different languages that you will find on this web site include English, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Russian and Yiddish.

      I do not have the time and resources to create a separate web page for each of the remaining items that I would like to add to the internet, or to create an index of each item, or to translate all the documents into English.

      Most of the information on this web site will be displayed in the form of images of either documents or photos. Images will be displayed in separate folders in the form of thumbnails and slides. You will be able to browse through all the images in any folder like a slide show at your own pace, and download any image in it's original full resolution. I will include a description of the contents of each image folder.

      The speed of downloading images and web pages from the internet, will continue to improve, and for each image you will have the choice of downloading it in it's original full resolution. For downloading the full resolution images it is better to have a fast internet connection.

Links to my other Jewish Community web sites:

4  LYGUMAI (LITHUANIA) ---------------- CLICK HERE.

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